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Thoma Engineering, Inc. is a structural engineering design firm exclusively. We do not attempt to design in any other civil engineering disciplines. On new, renovation, and additions-to-existing buildings construction, we usually work under the direction of the architect chosen for the project. We coordinate their drawings with all other engineer's information on the project and design accordingly. We also meet the needs of many client's by performing analysis on existing structures to determine if the particular area will structurally support the load of a new piece of equipment such as a rooftop mechanical unit or installing new technically advanced medical equipment on a second-story floor or higher in a building.

Our design philosophy is to design well, completely and accurately the first time. To accomplish this everyone involved in the design and drawing of the project are to check every part of every drawing and back-check the details for each other. We do not want anything to leave our office that is not correct and strive to anticipate and take care of all plans before plans go out to the contractors.

For each project, whether it is an addition, a new building, a renovation or simply an analysis, Thoma Engineering, Inc. follows the same steps to assure quality control ans assurance in all phases of a project. First, we are involved in the pre-construction document planning meetings to meet the requirements of the project. We coordinate with other architects and engineers. We use pre-approved standard details and specifications as much as possible to accomplish the goals of the project.

During the construction administration part of any project, we check and correct all structural shop drawings. We answer all contractor questions. According to the specific contract of a project, we make periodic visits to the sites to observe construction to see that the correct materials, fasteners, rebar, steel, etc., are being used by the contractors and are being put in place correctly. We help resolve any questions as a result of job site observations.

When we perform an analysis for a client, we work in various ways. Sometimes it requires studying existing plans and making a determination from the information at hand by conservatively calculating loads from what is on a plan. There are also times when a physical observation is necessary. During the site visit, many photographs and measurements will be taken. From the information discovered, a detailed report will be written and provided to the client with calculations and photos in the report that will be sealed and signed by the engineer.


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